Colour Me Happy

The age-old question remains; pencil or marker? This ultimately comes down to personal preference, but there are a few things to consider. While markers have that unparalleled glide-factor, pencils come in a colour spectrum so vast you can use any tone you imagine. Wax based, oil based, or water colour? The world of the pencil can be overwhelming, so we’ve gone straight to the point.

Wax pros – Colour shows up lighter which means you can work in layers. Wide range to choose from.

Wax cons – Soft core which breaks easily. A ‘fixative’ is often required to prevent wax from blooming (leaving a light, waxy film on the surface).

Oil pros – More expensive ‘oil painting’ look. Lays down a lot of colour meaning no need to layer. No need for fixative. Harder core and no film.

Oil cons – More specialised which means they’re harder to locate. Smears easily and requires more skill to use.

Watercolour pencils allow you to cover more ground with the addition of water which can be helpful for large sections. However generally speaking, wax and oil-based pencils will allow you to enjoy better blending capabilities than with watercolours.

This article was originally published in Issue 1, Audrey Daybook – Inspiring You.