This Year I Will…

You’ve washed and put away the champagne glasses, swept up the confetti, and woken up feeling like you could do anything you set your mind to. After all, it’s a brand new year! Your motivation is at an all-time high and you’ve decided this is it – this year you’re going to get fit and exercise more.

This year if you want to build a sustainable exercise routine, stop relying on flash-in-the-pan motivation; focus that energy towards developing a habit that keeps you working towards your goal. Consider how you frame your resolution. Which of the following are you more likely to say?

Resolution 1:This year I want to get fit by going to the gym more.

Resolution 2:This year I want to build a habit of exercising regularly and consistently, in order to (for example) be healthier/run a marathon/go on a hiking holiday.

While the difference might seem minor, the actual intent of each is different. The first resolution is focused on a vague end result achieved by nonspecific means. The second resolution is dedicated to the process – the end goal can be your motivation but the process by which you achieve is what really counts. And scientific studies suggest the second resolution is far more likely to be successful in the long term.

This article was originally published in Issue 3, Audrey Daybook – New Beginnings.