All That Glitters Is…

You may have been served gold-adorned confections before, but did you know you could create your own? Follow our simple guide to decorating with gold leaf and delight your guests with handmade, beautiful sweets.

How to decorate with edible gold:

You will need:

  • A sheet of edible gold leaf (always at least between 22-24 karats to ensure it’s safe to eat)
  • Clean, dry food paintbrush
  • Sharp paring knife or razor
  • Truffles or sweets to decorate

How to:

  1. Cut your desired shape from the sheet using the paring knife or a sharp razor. If needed, hold down the opposite corner with the brush. Try not to use your fingers as the pressure may cause melting or tears.
  2. Carefully place the piece of gold leaf on the surface of the truffle or sweet using the blade edge. Using the brush, detach the piece of gold-leaf from the blade.
  3. Once the gold leaf is in the desired position, gently pat it down with the brush into a smooth layer. Repeat with pieces until your truffle is decorated to your taste.

Decorating with edible gold leaf is a simple task that requires patience and thoughtfulness. Give yourself time to experiment with shapes and effects. After all, the worst that can happen is you need to eat any less-than-perfect results!

This article was originally published in Issue 4, Audrey Daybook – Living with Presence.