An Oasis at Home

Bathing has been an important ritual since ancient times, and although over time the activity has come to mean something different, each continent still has its own bathing traditions. With additions of music, essential oils, candles or even a glass of wine, what’s not to love about washing away the stresses of the day?

Rest easy. Taking a bath before bed is a wonderful way to wind down. Through relaxing your muscles and giving you time to soak and breathe, baths can help you feel calmer and more prepared for bed time. Even better if you can incorporate soothing essential oils or scents.

Running hot and cold. Taking a warm bath can be beneficial for circulation, muscle function and blood pressure. However, having a cold bath also has its positives. Think of having a cold bath on hot summer nights to help keep you cool and calm, especially if you don’t have easy access to the beach or a swimming pool.

Soothe your skin. Hot water can be drying for the skin in either a bath or a shower, however, with a bath it is easier to add moisturising or soothing additives such as bath oils, salts or even honey to the water to replenish your skin. The steam also helps to open pores and remove excess dirt and oil. Just ensure you are moisturising both body and face after bathing to keep your skin hydrated.

The next time you find some extra time on your hands, why not switch up your usual shower routine and create your own spa-like oasis to reap all the benefits of taking a long, relaxing and well-earned bath?

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