Issue 6, The Art of Kindness

Time flies, and it’s hard to believe this year is already into its second half. However, winter has a beautiful and natural way of making us slow our pace. It’s a wonderful time to step back and look at the world around you from a new perspective, whether that’s from your favourite armchair or at the crest of a steep hiking trail you’ve just conquered.

This issue has definitely got our tails wagging. Discover the health benefits of caring for your beloved pet. Indulge in the animal-themed colouring pages within our Creativity chapter before trying your hand at origami, this issue’s being a charming little paper tortoise you can make using our pretty patterned paper.

We’ve packed plenty of feel-good articles in this issue. Learn about the mystery artist who anonymously donated ten incredible book sculptures to public institutions across Edinburgh and read about how small acts of mindful kindness can reap large rewards, benefiting not only your personal health but also the wider world around you.

All this and so much more in Issue 6, on sale now.