Floating Lantern Matsuri

Embracing the greatness of friendship, love and life, the Floating Lantern Matsuri, hosted by Shinju Matsuri, will be held on Friday 31st August at Gantheaume Point in Western Australia. Collect your lantern, write your message and send it out on the water in serene unison as the lanterns make their way toward the sunset. 

The message can be entirely personal, whether it is writing down a wish for yourself, sending out hope for another or a message in memory of a loved one. Attendees are simply instructed to write down whatever is in their heart and send the lantern out to sea for it’s journey on the evening tide. 

Although lanterns will be sold on the day, it is recommended that attendees collect their lanterns prior to the event. Lanterns can be purchased online for $15, and from there, visit the Information Booth at The Roey carpark to collect your lantern kit, then decorate at home or at the event on the day. After purchasing the lantern, attendance is free for the event. Shinju Matsuri encourages people of all ages to attend, joining friends and family on the beach for a magical evening. 

VIP tickets are also available for the evening, selling for $99, and promise an even more memorable experience which includes free-flowing drinks and canapes. However for those simply purchasing the lantern kit, you are encouraged to bring along a delicious picnic to enjoy on the beach with loved ones as you watch the sun set over the water. 

To protect the beautiful Broome Coast line (and ease environmental concerns), Shinju Matsuri have pledged to keep the water clean and pollution free by collecting the lanterns after they have been released. Meaning once attendees have set sail to their lantern, watched their soft glow fade into the sunset and have returned to the beach to enjoy a picnic, the Shinju team will be hard at work collecting the lanterns to avoid ocean pollution. 

For the price of just $15, you can send a wish or special message out into the world. To learn more, visit shinjumatsuri.com.au