Issue 9, A New Leaf

For many, the dawn of a new year brings with it an inimitable energy – an amalgamation of calm stillness and buzzing eagerness. You may be enjoying the relaxing time you have away from work and looking forward to a fresh, clean slate, and yet indulging in holiday festivities and eagerly anticipating all the possibilities the year may bring.

In this year’s first issue of Audrey Daybook, we’re turning a new leaf right alongside you, because stepping into the unknown and new beginnings can be a little daunting. Be inspired to explore who you are, where you’d like to go (both emotionally and physically) and what you’d like to achieve with our ‘5 ways to turn the page’ and accompanying ‘New beginnings’ wordsearch. We explore the starry origins of must-have mineral magnesium and all the ways you can increase your intake, from creams and balms to naturally magnesium-rich mineral water Magnesia. While we’re not necessarily “resolutions” focussed this issue, we do have some motivating articles that may light a fire within. Be inspired to up your fitness and train every day (don’t worry it’s completely achievable and we’ll tell you why!), travel solo and discover incredible corners of this planet you’ve always want ed to see in your own time, and try your hand at the therapeutic and creative art of story writing with our inaugural Short Story Prize competition, which launches with this very issue.

There are so many things to be excited for in 2019. Here at Audrey HQ, we’re eager to get to know you better, hear your stories, and keep creating this magazine you’ve lovingly embraced.

All this and much more in the new issue of Audrey Daybook

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